New York State of Mind

When I left New York City in 2012 after an exhausting and equally exhilarating 2-year stint there, I never thought I’d want to move back. I was so done. Kaput. Toast. That was until my recent trip where I fell back in love with the city that kicked me while I was down, picked me up and dusted me off, and set me back on my feet all in one stride.

I remember one of my friends once said “New York is the boyfriend who treats you like shit, but the sex is great.” And I haven’t heard a better description of it yet. It’s the Justin to my Selena, the Justin-Bobby to my Audrina, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Peruse through the photos from my recent trip below, and fall in love with the concrete jungle that’s stolen my heart.

NYC (8 of 9)NYC (9 of 9)NYC (1 of 9)NYC (6 of 9)NYC (4 of 9)NYC (5 of 9)NYC (3 of 9)NYC (2 of 9)



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