Sunshine + Lace

There’s nothing better than an 88 degree Southern California day in the middle of February, while the East Coast is getting berated with snow. I know. We’re spoiled.
I took advantage of the beautiful LA weather and took a little trip to Venice with my Geneva cover up from L*Space. This little lacey number commands a backdrop of crystal blue skies and powdery white sand. Oh, the perks of being a California girl.
LSpace-The-Style-Riot-1 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-2 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-3 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-4 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-5 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-6 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-7 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-8 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-9 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-10 LSpace-The-Style-Riot-11

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