How I Proposed to My Bridesmaids

The way Luke proposed to me was so heartfelt, monumental, and special, I felt I owed the same level of thoughtfulness to my bridal party! It was easy for me to choose the women I wanted to stand by me on our big day, and Dogeared Jewelry made it just as easy for me to “pop the question” to them!

I also wanted to get something special for the mothers in my life – my mom (and best friend), and Michelle, my future mother-in-law! My mom is the person I’m singlehandedly closest to in the entire world. She has held my hand through every single emotional up and down, counseled me through huge life decisions, and been there with dark chocolate and a listening ear every time the PMS monster attacks. Michelle has been so warm, loving, and generous with me and I felt immediately loved and accepted by her the moment we met. In the short time we’ve known each other, she has encouraged me and been there for me in a way I’ve only ever dreamt of! I’m so excited to celebrate God’s goodness with her as we grow closer over the years.

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