Palm Springs Road Trip

I love a good road trip. Keep in mind, I’m using the term “road trip” very loosely in this sense, since Palm Springs is only a quick 1 1/2 hour drive from Los Angeles on a weekend (it’s probably more of a staycation than anything, but whatever, let me think I’m living large). Of course, I couldn’t do it without my 3-in-1 boyfriend/photographer/driver, a variety of snacks, a map of all potential restrooms along the way, and a mandatory pit stop at In-n-Out.

Thanks to Kia, the drive was super smooth, fun (did someone say panoramic sunroof? Yes please!), and we didn’t even get pulled over once for speeding even though we were zipping through the canyon like Bonnie & Clyde in a Remington Red 2016 Kia Sorrento. Apparently that “red car speeding ticket theory” is bogus… You’re welcome 😉

Not only do I need lots of snacks around me at all times, I also have a deep-seated need to be comfortable 90% of the time. The remaining 10% is allotted for required dress-up occasions like weddings and red carpet events (lol). I don’t know why I feel like I deserve comfort, but I do and my wardrobe proves it. Cue the only excusable way to wear slippers in public: Minnetonka moccasins. Ask Nicole Richie… she gets it.

What are your road trip essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Palm Springs-7

Palm Springs-3

Palm Springs-13Palm Springs-6

Palm Springs-11

Palm Springs-16

Palm Springs-2Palm Springs-5

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