Training for the NIKE Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco

Six weeks ago Nike asked me to run their Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. I excitedly and prematurely said “YES!!” and I meant it. I downloaded their half marathon training app and hit the pavement.nike3

Pushing myself past any semblance of a comfort zone for the past six weeks has been rough. I AM NOT A RUNNER. I do not run for fun. I don’t even know what people are talking about when they say “runner’s high” because I’ve never experienced anything close to that. If I had, this whole thing would be a lot more fun.

BUT, I want to do it. And I’ll “just do it” if I have to drag myself kicking and screaming through each and every training day.

Here’s why: All my life I’ve been a lazy bum when it comes to physical activity. I failed P.E. in high school and had to retake it in summer school, not because of an unsatisfactory level of physical fitness, but because of my bad attitude and lack of participation. (See example below.)


When Nike, we’re talking the #1 athletic apparel and lifestyle brand in the world who sponsors athletes like Kobe Bryant and Maria Sharipova, reached out to me with an invitation to run the SF Women’s Half Marathon, an opportunity to push my physical limits and accomplish something incredible, I owed it to myself to say yes.nike4

But five weeks in and 92.45 miles down, my body crashed. I think it was a combination of life stress (my plate is VERY full right now, with good things, but my time management skills need work), physical stress, and the emotional stress that comes with trying to do it all. My body just shut down. I had a 7-mile run planned and ended up in urgent care instead due toextreme fatigue and dizziness. The doctors told me the symptoms I was experiencing were caused by exhaustion and anxiety due to life stress and that I could continue my half marathon training if I wanted, but they urged me to give my body and mind a break. So this week, that’s what I did, and I’m starting to feel better and gearing up for a 9-mile run this afternoon. My longest yet!

I’m committed to this process, I’m trusting my training, and I’m going to complete theNike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco no matter what. I don’t know if I’ll become a lifelong runner or if I’ll just stick to yoga, but come October, I’ll have a half marathon under my belt, some rock hard hamstrings, quads, and glutes, and a 13.1-mile sense of accomplishment.nike1

Browse my favorite Nike running gear below, and keeping checking back to follow my journey! Only six weeks left!


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