NIKE Women’s Half Marathon – IT’S ALMOST HERE!

I just finished packing and I’m about to head out to the airport, but I thought I should sit down, collect my thoughts and put them down in a quick blog post.

First thought: I can’t believe 12 weeks have gone by and that I have stuck to my training plan (for the most part.) Seriously, that’s nuts. I don’t see myself as someone with superhuman amounts of self-discipline and I sometimes try to talk myself out of things I committed to because sometimes things are scary.

Second thought: I guess I did try to talk myself out of running the Nike Half Marathon, and I even had life situations happen that warranted quitting, (i.e. a bad T-bone car accident and a dislocated rib…) but I DIDN’T QUIT. Here I am, about to get on a plane to San Francisco and do this thing. Here I am, bags packed, heart racing, anxiously awaiting this thing I’ve been preparing TWELVE weeks for and I’m so proud of myself.

Third thought: My sister, Emily, took some pictures of me running the other day, and here they are.

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