DSTLD Denim | The Next Best Thing in Jeans: Premium Denim For $65

How much did you pay for your last pair of jeans? $150? $175? $200? Yeah. You can stop doing that now. DSTLD Denim makes it possible for premium jeans fiends to get their fix for only $65. Seriously, people. This is groundbreaking!

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with DSTLD Denim co-founders Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn, and design director Anh Vu at their luxe modern pop-up shop DNMBAR: LA in West Hollywood. Their creative energy was so fun to be around and their passion so infectious, I fell even more in love with my DSTLD jeans and the brand as a whole after just an hour with the DSTLD team.

DSTLD1I want you to feel as inspired and hopeful about the exciting new direction DSTLD is taking the denim industry as I am, because it really does turn the whole retail business model on its head and makes previously unattainable premium denim accessible to everyone.


Corey and Mark met in High School, where they started their first business together. Fast forward a decade and here they are, slinging jeans together in WeHo. As creative entrepreneurs who live life in denim and come from a professional background of “high quality products that people really value,” it only made sense for them to take on the overly-inflated denim market from the global capital of premium denim: Los Angeles.



Corey raved, “We live life in denim. We’re always wearing jeans and are obsessed with our jeans. We’ve just fallen in love with the industry.” He added, “We couldn’t understand why premium jeans were costing $200… it seemed crazy.”

Naturally, they brought on Anh Vu, an expert designer with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. She’s as cute as she is talented and talks about denim with a twinkle in her eye. Her technical expertise and passion for jeans inspired her to make a “Disneyland approved” pair of jeggings that are “soft and breathable during the day when it’s super hot but keep you warm at night when you’re watching the fireworks.”


DSTLD keeps it simple, offering the best of the basics made with the latest technology. They focus on sourcing the highest quality fabrics from the same mills that supply many of the top names in denim, employing premium construction techniques, and ensuring a superior finishing and wash. For $65-$105, DSTLD provides a smarter denim that feels silky smooth against your skin, lets you breathe more and recovers better. I’m telling you, I’ve been living in these black skinny jeans for the past two weeks and wouldn’t take them off if you paid me.


I know by now you’re wondering where to find them, as you should be. DSTLD is the first premium denim brand that sells exclusively direct to the the customer. By eliminating the middle man, they can offer their customers premium jeans at wholesale prices, which would otherwise sell for $180-$280 in department stores and boutiques. See? I told you it was revolutionary!


Sign up to get exclusive early access at http://www.dstldjeans.com and select any 3 pairs for a free 10-day home try-on “Denim Audition”. If you live in the LA area, check out their DNMBAR at 8899 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.


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  1. Caryl Anne
    June 30, 2014 at 9:49 am (5 years ago)

    These sound and look like incredible jeans for such a great price! I’ll have to check them out! Thanks for sharing!


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