Comfy (But Cute) Game Day Outfit

We’ve all been there – it’s Football Sunday, we want to go out, relax, and watch the game with some friends but we’re *tiiiired* from a long night before, not to mention the grueling work week we just barely began to recover from, meanwhile we’re doing everything in our power to avoid the impending Monday’s antagonizing doom.

I don’t know about you, but forcing myself out of bed while laboriously staving off all the anxious thoughts, body aches, and general malaise is just about all I can handle. So as you can imagine, the LAST thing I want to do on Sunday is get dressed, do my makeup, and try to look halfway presentable. I want to slouch on the couch in sweats, bare-faced (freckles and blemishes shamelessly on display), and a messy bun to top it all off.

But how often does that actually happen? Maybe once in a blue moon?

So, I resolve to put forth a little effort and grace the world with my presence. I trudge through my closet and pair some comfy joggers with a crop top, and finish it with my favorite Levi’s X NFL collab Trucker Jacket and a Lack of Color hat to polish it off!




IMG_1354IMG_1353IMG_1351IMG_1347IMG_1352IMG_1346IMG_1349 IMG_1349IMG_1345

Photos by Emily Illuminate

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