Blonde Ambition with Redken Blonde Idol

Blondes have more fun. It’s a proven fact. But not when your hair is brassy and harsh looking. Let’s be real, even though we might not say it out loud, we can all tell when a blonde is overdue for a visit to the salon. Her hair starts to get that dull orangey, yellow tinge to it and it screams “fake blonde” to every casual passerby. Now, if that’s you, listen to what I’m about to tell you… because it’s going to change your life and save you lots of money in the long run.

Enter the Redken Blonde Idol product line. An epic line of haircare products that offer customizable care to bring out the best in every blonde.

The Redken Blonde Idol products have extended my hair color beyond its normal shelf life. As a brunette with natural golden undertones and warm blonde highlights, my hair color rarely lasts a few weeks before turning brassy and desperate for a touch-up.

This time around, after my experience sitting in Tracey Cunningham’s salon chair at Meche in Beverly Hills receiving the star treatment, I used the Redken Blonde Idol products and my color has lasted much longer and stronger than usual. The blonde has a warm, honey-golden tone to it rather than the harsh metallic brassy tone that usually creeps in a few weeks after my visit to the salon.

Because the Redken Blonde Idol products extend my highlights much longer than usual, I’m able to postpone my usual salon visits for touch ups to revitalize my blonde color, hence saving me money and time in that salon chair (because we all know, blonde takes TIME… and it ain’t cheap)! Although Tracey and her team are so amazing, I wish these products didn’t work so well so I could hurry up and go see them again!

Thanks to my dear friend Yazz for hanging out with me while I got my hair done and making this amazing time-lapse video of my experience with Tracey Cunningham at Meche Salon!


*This post was sponsored by Redken through Conde Nast.


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